Wisdom Tooth : When to remove it, Tips and Recommendations

When Should You Take Out Of Wisdom Tooth?

If you have sharp or severe pain in your wisdom tooth, you should consult specifically with a maxillofacial surgeon, if you are over 22 years old and have not had symptoms of your appearance, you may have an x-ray to assess if it is necessary to remove them.

Why a Maxillofacial Surgeon?

Because he is the specialist for this, a dentist or general dental surgeon does not have the necessary knowledge and can complicate your extraction too much or even cause a second surgery to repair what he could not do.

Most doctors recommend removing them before they cause discomfort, but if the pain is severe, you will need to remove them to remove the pain.

If the teeth came out normal and in the correct position but you consider that your cleaning is very complicated, ask if you can schedule an extraction.

Sometimes even when they have erupted in the correct position they can cause cavities due to their difficulty in cleaning, some surgeons recommend you remove them.

In any case, it depends on each case and the experience of each surgeon, extracting a tooth from the judgment with damages usually has a faster recovery and with fewer complications.

Considerations before removing Wisdom Tooth

Look for a good maxillofacial surgeon, someone who has many years of experience.

It can be discriminatory, but a newly graduated surgeon does not yet have all the experience on the problems that these molars can cause just at the moment of extraction.

At the time of surgery there may be some complication that only a surgeon with enough experience can solve.

You should tell your doctor if you are taking any medications. So that you can evaluate that it does not clash with the medicines that he will have to prescribe you.

If you are pregnant or have a chance to be, do not forget to mention it, medication during pregnancy is treated with caution to avoid complications in pregnancy or baby.


Hypertension, diabetes, anemia and clotting problems also deserve special care, for no reason forget to mention them.

You must be in the best possible health conditions to avoid problems during your recovery.

Sometimes you will not be able to schedule your removal in advance, nor can you predict your health conditions, in this case however simple the disease is, such as a cold, better inform your doctor before starting the surgery.

At the time of surgery you can close your eyes and remember something beautiful, this will help distract your brain and minimize discomfort.

Most surgeons recommend that you should raise your hand if you feel pain, do not be brave and tell him that it hurts, he will put more anesthesia in that area.

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