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How to write a professional film script step by step

Write a professional film

Knowing what story you want to tell, how to make the structure and how it will be the end, are some of the keys to write a film script.

write a professional film script

If you like cinema, perhaps you have thought of writing a story that you can see on the big screen, but the truth is that writing a screenplay is very different from writing a screenplay and, of course, from writing a novel. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a movie script.

A script is a document that describes all the auditory, visual, behavioral, and lingual elements necessary to tell a story.

As many people are involved in making a film, the script must meet standards that all parties understand and, therefore, it will have to have a specific format or design, as we explained.

Steps to writing a movie script

Regardless of the idea you have or the story you have in mind, you must follow these steps to be able to write your film script:

  1. Consider the structure: As we said, the film script has to have a specific structure. The story must be divided into sequences (which are the scenes we see later on screen). So you have to write each Sequence, write if it is day, afternoon or night, and also write the description of the scene, with what the characters do and their dialogues.
  2. Describe the characters well: Outside the script, you must make a document in which you write all the characters, and a short description of each one of them, and then introduce this data in the script as you develop the story.
  3. Start with the main character: A good way to start a movie script, when you don’t have much experience is to start with a scene where your main star already appears. You can start with a brief description of the character and an action that will lead him to start the story and its development.
  4. Develops the action: A good screenplay is always characterized not only by telling a good story, but also because it has a well-developed structure. From the story you have in mind, you must divide the plot according to the structure and bearing in mind how long the film will last so that you can create a development, presentation, knot and outcome. In which something happens right in the middle of your script that makes the plot turn and go towards the apotheosis.

Write a good ending: Having a good ending can be what really saves your script so it will be good to know how the story ends, much more than the details of the plot, which will surely come out as you write your script.

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