How To Save Games On An Xbox 360 Hard Drive

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Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 system allows you to save games on your hard drive. Sometimes this can improve the way the system plays the game, because the console no longer has to read the disc.

Xbox 360 Hard Drive

This reduces the risk of damage to the disc and ends with "disc grinding" sounds that are heard frequently when games are played.

Loading times are also normally shorter than for games that are played off the hard disk. Be aware that there is limited space on your hard drive; you may only be able to keep a couple of games on a smaller hard drive.

Make sure your hard drive is properly attached to the top of the Xbox 360 console. It should be seated firmly in the hard disk slot at the top of the console.

Turn on the console and insert the game disk you want to save to the hard drive.

Navigate to "My Xbox on the Dashboard screen. The game you inserted will appear on the first card.

Press the "Y" button on the control. Do not press "A" at this point; this will select the disc. The "Game Details" screen will open when the "Y" is pressed.

Choose the "Install on Hard Disk" option from the first panel. This will save your game on your hard drive. Most games take five to ten minutes to save.

Press the "a" button on the control when the display indicates that the game installation is 100 percent complete.

Choose "Play from Hard Drive" to play the game from the hard drive immediately. If you want to play the game from the hard drive later, insert the drive and press "Y" when the game appears on the first card. "Play from Hard Drive" will appear as an option.

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