How to Remove the Yellow Color from Tennis Gum

How to Remove the Yellow

Surely, with time you have noticed that white shoes acquire a yellow or yellowish color in their fabric or skin and in greater consideration, in the rubber edges (the edges) and toe according to the design they have (for example: the classic tennis)

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That undoubtedly, project an image of an apparently old footwear as well as a certain carelessness or dirt that stains our image or personal presentation.

Fortunately and like many things in life this has a solution… Well, there is a fairly good and easy method or trick to be done to remove or remove that ugly yellow color from the rubber of the sole of the shoes and so, they look white.


For this procedure of bleaching of the rubber of the slippers they will basically require, of 3 things that can be easily found in a house and that are:

  • A rag.
  • A disused toothbrush.
  • White toothpaste.

Remove the yellow rubber from your sneakers | Step # 1

The first thing to do precisely is to take the old or disused toothbrush and add some paste and then, pass it diligently over the yellow or yellow areas of the sole or gum of the shoes trying to scrub or rub with the dental solution over the entire surface with care and time so that the paste and the action of scrubbing whitens the yellowish of the shoes.

Remove the yellow rubber from your sneakers | Step # 2

After the previous step, take a slightly damp cloth and wipe the area of the gum where the toothpaste was rubbed in order to remove or remove the residues and dirt that have remained in the slippers.

Voila ! Surely, you have noticed a big change … Well, this procedure or true trick is perfectly suitable for all those white shoes that have turned yellow on their edges and require somehow, restore the white removing or removing the yellowish from the rubber, try it.

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