How To Make Your Smartphone Faster

Smartphone Faster

The development options are something like Pandora’s box for some, if you open it all the evils of the android world can be unleashed.

The development options are for that, for developers and that’s what their name says, but ordinary people can also benefit from some of their tricks.Your Smartphone Faster

Here you have five quite curious ones with which you can make your smartphone go fast as the wind. Ready?

How to activate development options

The development options is a section within the settings menu, but by default it is not active.

In order to do it we must enter in Settings > Information of the telephone and down on Number of compilation we must press 7 times followed until we leave a warning saying that the Options of development already are active. We go back and in the Settings menu we will now see the new section.

Tricks of the trade development options

1. Deactivate animations

This is one of the settings I apply when I first use a device. You can completely deactivate the animations and make the phone load the application as fast as its hardware allows and make the animations twice as fast or completely deactivate them.

Within the development options we go to these options: ‘Window Animation Scale’, ‘Animation Transition Scale’ and ‘Animator Duration Scale’.

If you want the animations to be faster, change all three to 0.5x. If you want more speed without animations, change them to ‘Animation off’.

2. Force MSAA 4x for better graphics quality

This option allows you to improve the quality of graphics in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and applications.

I warn you that this will demand more performance from the hardware and consume the battery faster. However, in some games and applications it will improve the image by smoothing the pixels by Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing 4x.

3. Enable USB Debugging

This is one of the most used developer options by users. Allows your computer programs to access your device via USB.

It is a necessary preliminary step to install a recovery, rotate our device, unlock it, install a new ROM, or make a backup on our computer (you do not need root).

If you have this option enabled, make sure to connect the device to secure USB, avoid unknown or public computers.

4. Password for computer copies

If you want to create a backup on your terminal computer, it is highly recommended that you protect it with a password.

This option encrypts the copies so you won’t be able to access it if you forget your password. Click on ‘Passwords for computer copies’ and enter your password.

5. Allow Simulated Locations

Under ‘Debugging’ we have an option called ‘Choose application to simulate location’. Previously we need to have an application installed that is able to simulate our location as Fake GPS Location.

Once the application has been chosen, you can make the device believe that you are in different parts of the globe from the application.

Send your contacts your location in Pernambuco or post on Twitter from a sunny beach in Hawaii without leaving the sofa of your living room.

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