How to play YouTube videos in the background

YouTube videos

Regardless of the platform you use on your mobile, there is increasing satisfaction for different users.

YouTube videos in the background

However, this increase in user experience has a lot to do with requests from the same user of mobile devices, and that is part of the business: asking and being listened to.

In this sense, one of the most common requests was to be able to play YouTube videos in the background, that is, that even when the activity ceases to be a priority for the user, the playback, at least of the audio, continues without any inconvenience.

For this reason, in this article we present some alternatives to continue with the playback on YouTube in the background, especially thanks to applications that also want to join and be heard every day in the world of mobile devices.

iOS Applications

In Apple’s mobile ecosystem there are different really useful applications, but this time we analyze two of them, one free and one paid, especially for its features that allow the playback of videos in the background.


For those who use YouTube as one of the applications with intensive use on the mobile, one of the requirements may be the audio playback of videos, even if the application goes into the background or when the screen is off.

While something was available from iOS 4 to iOS7, as it ceased to be a system app, YouTube was no longer programmed for it.

However, one of the best alternatives to play YouTube videos in the background on your mobile is Tubex, an application to which you can find a number of functions such as: lists, history, selection of video quality, but above all, if you leave the application, the audio videos still sound. And best of all, it’s a free application.


ProTube is an application that is presented as the payment option par excellence, because beyond taking good care of its aesthetic aspect, also allows curious details, such as the playback of videos that are usually blocked in YouTube Mobile.

Therefore, it is also a very good alternative to play YouTube videos in the background on your mobile.

From Safari

While it is true, applications such as the above give the user a number of interesting features, there is another alternative when it comes to playing YouTube content in the background.

In this case, it’s about using Safari to open YouTube, and when you exit Safari, you can simply hit the Play or Play button again from the bottom slider (where you can control settings such as brightness, Wi-Fi, and more).

Windows Applications

Windows has the most traumatic case of all, not because there are special needs, but rather because within the three most widespread mobile platforms, is the only one that has no official application.

This is due to the bad relationship between Google and Microsoft when it comes to developing applications on Windows Phone.


myTube! It is probably the most complete client to enjoy video playback on Microsoft operating system mobile devices.

In this case, the application allows downloads, quality selection, offline video playback and, especially, video playback in the background.


MetroTube can also be highlighted as a recommended application for viewing YouTube videos on Windows Phone.

However, there are many aspects where you can fall short compared to the previous application and it is fee-based.


Another interesting application in Microsoft’s mobile operating system is Tubecast, a free application that provides you with different functionalities really useful for your YouTube experience.

In this case, Tubecast allows you to continue enjoying the music from your videos even after closing the application and with the device locked.

Android Applications

Taking into account that in Android there is an official YouTube application, it is common to find that developers do not put so much effort on customers, but also because Google could also take certain measures.

Even so, there are applications that can give you an excellent experience through different functions.


SuperTube is an application outside the Play Store, focused on displaying video content in floating windows, something very popularized by Samsung.

However, you can also hide these windows so that the audio of the video continues to play, even with the application in the background.

Listen on repeat

Also, Listen on repeat is an application that is focused on playlists that repeat as many times as you want, in addition to background playback. While it appears to be a very basic application, it usually ends up doing its job.

Remember that in addition to the alternatives presented here, there are many other applications that can be very useful according to the tastes and needs of each user.

So, if you know other applications to play YouTube videos in the background, we invite you to share them with us in the comments area of this article.

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