How to write a good resume for LinkedIn with Word in 5 minutes

How to write a good resume

The CV or Curriculum Vitae is the best weapon we can wield for it.

resume for LinkedIn

In the past, the topic of the curriculum was simpler, since with it being well printed and not having Comic Sans as a Word font, we already had a point earned.

But at the moment the thing is more complicated, the topic of the most dynamic work and a concise and direct CV the best thing that we can use, especially for webs like LinkedIn, the social network of the moment.

How to write CVs for LinkedIn in 5 minutes

Creating a CV in Word and uploading it to the LinkedIn profile is the most common. In fact, according to statistics, up to 80% of CVs written in the world are made using Word.

But in the current situation, depending on the type of work that is chosen, the CV has to be modified, and that means rewriting it.

For this Microsoft has decided to give a boost to its word processor, and with the help of LinkedIn itself launched Resume Assistant, whose objective is to help Office 365 subscribers to create CVs with personalized information from LinkedIn’s hand using Artificial Intelligence in the Word processor.

What does Resume Assistant do? This feature uses the IA to provide job seekers with intelligent tools to improve their resumes from Word. And it does so by following a series of steps to follow and concepts to employ:

– Take advantage of outstanding examples: Allows you to see how outstanding people in a field shape their work experience, filtering by sector and position for a more personalized experience.

– Identify key skills: Identify the main skills for the type of job you are looking for in order to stand out from others.

– CV customization based on actual job openings: Users will be able to view relevant job listings from LinkedIn’s more than 11 million vacancies and customize their resume before submitting it.

– Professional help: This tool has a direct connection with ProFinder, la plataforma independiente de LinkedIn, to get a practical help when writing the CV or planning an interview.

– Let selection staff know your availability: Candidates can make explicit to HR managers that they are open to new opportunities with Open Candidates.

Already in Office Insiders

Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word is available to Office 365 Windows subscribers in dozens of countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.

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