Vegetables to Lose Weight: Swiss Chard for Weight Loss

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Vegetables to Lose Weigh

Thanks to the potassium contained in Swiss Chard, our body stops accumulating water, effectively combatting the sodium we eat that causes us to have swelling in the feet and hands, as well as other parts.

This condition is known as fluid retention, a very common problem among people who are obese and overweight.

Vegetables to Lose Weight

If we eat Swiss chard consistently, it helps eliminate fluid, achieving big results when we eat a healthy diet, as sometimes we come to a halt and can't lose pounds or inches.

In addition, Swiss chard contains 90% water and is low in calories; if you include it in your weight loss diet, it prevents decompensation and at the same time provides healthy nutrition and eliminates more weight.

Another important mineral is calcium; Swiss chard allows us to strengthen our bones and teeth, in addition to permitting the proper development of children.

In the elderly, and women in the stage of menopause and premenopause, it prevents the development of osteoporosis, likewise leg cramps, and it increases the production of milk in mothers.

The Magnesium

Elevated levels of magnesium, along with phosphorus, prevent circulation problems, hypertension, the formation of arterial clots, and heart attacks.

It regulates the levels of sugar in the blood, preventing diabetes, besides being an anti-inflammatory, a natural antidepressant, an anti-arthritic and a relaxant.

It reduces headaches and migraine.   Rich in folic acid, Swiss chard provides a healthy option so that the fetus gets the necessary nutrients to be born healthy and to prevent any defects in the neural tube.

It provides us with fiber which, in our body, prevents constipation, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, detoxifies the digestive system, and prevents cancer.

Moreover, consuming fiber consistantly helps to heal hemorrhoids as well as reduce the risk of developing them.

Vitamin A improves our eyesight and prevents diseases related to it, such as glaucoma, cataracts, night blindness, among others.   It strengthens our immune system, preventing illnesses such as influenza, colds, pharyngitis, sinusitus, among others.   If this were not enough, it helps to prevent the loss of hair, as well as giving it shine and smoothness.

Take care of our skin and it will keep us young longer.

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Additional Information.

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